Private Sessions / Consults for your Child

Planet Apothecary Consults or your Child

1- 60 minute Private Session: $250

5 - Session Series: $1100 (Savings of $150)

All Sessions via Phone


Jeanette listens to the language your child's symptoms are communicating and suggests a simple program of any combination of nutrients, supplements, sounds, colors, gems, essential oils and gentle counseling.

This process is in collaboration with you, you for your children and or with your children to return wholeness and wellness.

We are please to offer the most advanced Electro-ceutical Wellness Technologies

The Compass System technology measures the fluctuations in the energy patterns of your physiology through Galvanic Skin Response as a feedback mechanism. These sessions are offered remote.


After your intake, Jeanette places her hand on the Compass Technology. The ZYTO software sends stimuli to the body using digital signatures representative of various alternatives like nutritional supplements. Each stimulus creates a unique GSR response which the ZYTO software measures and analyzes. It’s like asking the body questions about your nutritional requirements and listening to its answers. 

Combine this with Jeanette Wolfe’s Naturopathic Professionalism & her Empathic awarenesses to gain insights and feedback for you to craft your perfect health maintenance profile.( $33.)

Bio~Resonance Information Technology

This process is offered in the form of an active vibrational re-patterning program created by Dr. Wolfe and a team of Bio-Resonance programmers and physicians. Unique software has been created based upon Jeanette’s observations during her private and corporate sessions of methodologies that bring the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies into a greater alignment with an individual’s divine blueprint.

All interaction is comprised of vibrations – those that hold our physical forms together and those that form relationships. 

Active Vibrational Restructuring aids in situations that cause us discomfort or distress and offers a more expansive lens bringing greater comfort and ease. 

Through Dr. Wolfe’s guidance, participants will sense the changes in their energetic fields as they work. 

With focus and intention, you will become ever more aware of creating healthy interactions in various aspects of your lives.

This process in direct guidance and alignment with Jeanette’s daily remote monitoring has been calibrated specifically for this project, it has the potential to help hold and balance all the new levels of awareness that are reached until they are fully integrated within you. It is equally beneficial for single individuals, groups, children, pets, spaces, properties and projects

This process is offered in 3 month increments to fully support your wholebeing. Inquire for more details.