I have found over the years that work is not work or separate from us, or even measurable when we do not feel separate from it. It is a form of wholeness.

It is congruence. It relates to matching what is on the inside to the outside.


Planet Apothecary is me and I am Planet Apothecary. There is full flow of energy in the pure joy and devotion to all that is. It is my passion and I am that passion. I am in awe of every moment that I wake up and that I am here! 

That I can enjoy a piece of chocolate or a carrot or a moment with my son, my patients, my plants, my animals. I am in awe of what is in every moment. 

And if it's uncomfortable, and certainly it has been, I don't think about what happened the last time that I was this uncomfortable and push that into the future fearing that at some point I will be disabled.

I say,  hmm, all right, what can I offer myself right now?

How may I edit this moment to comfort of some sort?

I realize that I have an incredible library of information and life experience that I am able to access and there are moments where I'm amazed that I will "know" something instinctively without ever having been exposed to it, so I realize that I'm very blessed.

I am, Planet Apothecary and Flow is beyond the place of the pursuit of happiness or feeling good or 'getting healthy'. It is an incredible space of being rooted into yourself, in truth, simplicity, love and service, and my ancestral roots in the joys of growing up in synchronicity with nature.

I did not realize, in my youth, what remarkable teachers my parents were. They are of eastern European Heritage and were foragers due to the circumstance of WWII. Both were fully in sync with Earth Rhythms, trained early on to be aware of all nuances in their bodies and spaces merely to survive. They learned how to use every root, flower, twig and stone offered to them with gratitude. They had incredible courage and taught me sensory awareness's beyond the norm and heartfelt respect for all that our Planet, our Universe has to offer. 

On our farm, our circle, our table, was not just a place to share meals, but the central point of preparing them as well. It was the place we deposited and prepared the daily, weekly and seasonal harvest for canning, freezing, pickling and gelling. It was the spot we would lay out the medicinal and culinary herbs for drying or freezing when the seasons changed. It was essentially our womb: the safe space to share about our daily experiences.I would listen to my parent’s stories about their parents and grandparents regarding how each plant had it’s season and it’s reason. How the sun and the moon and the cosmic shifts supported or challenged life on our Planet. We learned about the Doctrine of Signatures and the magic of reading every nuance of a plant’s colors, scents, roots, leaves and all its characteristics and how to draw correspondences to our personal bodies, organs and health. My mother’s garden became our pharmacy, our Apothecary.

In Europe, when something ails you, you visit the Apotheke, it is a place of cures, mostly holistic & natural, hence the name: Apothecary. My mother is truly a green fairy; all she touches grows to magnificent proportion and vitality. She grows everything around her with loving heart and patience. She inspired me to achieve my doctorate in naturopathy. Planet Apothecary is a living laboratory of the wonders of this earth and the energies around it and surrounding it and as such, my life is my lab. 

We have collected myriads of elementals and botanicals found in nature. We are devoted to providing vibrant mineral, herbal, resonant, chroma and aroma sustainable solutions supporting you with ancient wisdom in a modern world. Our private sessions help you remember the wonderful fact that your body is a drugstore. Your own personal apothecary. Your emotions trigger your dispensary which sends your prescription to self. That prescription is “written” according to your own emotional response or reaction to an experience and perceptions. Those emotions inform your physical form.


Much of my personal life experience and certainly the past 30 years of discovery through clients, patients and the radiantly energetically sensitive children that joyfully present in my days, have consistently modeled the core principle of how self awareness supports the restructuring and invigoration of our very cells. 

Choosing different ways of receiving or translating reality triggers new substances from within, offering new potentials, possibilities and probabilities of informing your form in grace, ease and wholebeing. I am humbled and honored to be able to share tried and true systems and “solutions” for your consideration in self editing your form moment to moment. Clear Speak™, Master Mentoring, Bespoke Sessions and our sustainable “solutions” including our herbals, essential oils, serums and soapz, all tuned with color, light, gems and sound, gently nourish mood chemicals and are ready for your exploration of self editing and whole being!

We support permacultural outreach, small businesses, plant and mineral  based remedies that benefit you, your children, your pets, your teams and all you love as we craft a sustainable experience on this grand planet. 



Planet Apothecary Shop provides unique and effective products, solutions and services which combine ancient techniques, seasonal awareness, nutritive and somatic sciences in simple and effective formats as tools for sustainable and holistic lifestyle choices. We bring balance to both inner environment of the body, mind, spirit and the external environment of home, office and education.


Our time tested, proven tools/systems provide well-being, new perspectives in learning and living which inspire you to honor your personal journey and to preserve the planet through conscious living.


We invite you right now, to pause for just a moment. Take a deep breath and invite the whole of you, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit to be present with yourself in this body and with your daily life choices. We invite you to our membership circle to receive daily and seasonal living insights, cosmic weather updates and suggested solutions for your support and selection in creating easy flow. 


Welcome  “OM”